If everything described in these Purpose & Pursuits is true, then we are part of something amazing.  It’s a community that God is using to grow people in Christlikeness and to tell others about the goodness of the gospel.  It’s a place where God can profoundly shape my life and use me to influence others.  All of these good things happen in the best possible way if each person sees themselves as an owner at CrossWay.  We don’t want people to see their time at CrossWay as though they are part of a 6 month lease, instead, we want everyone to be passionate owners of the vision of their church family. 


  • Where am I at on the following spectrum?  Why?

            Renter                                                            Owner

  • What would it take for me to move closer to the owner side of the spectrum?  What conversations might it require?  What Biblical truth would it require me to believe more fully?
  • What is one way I’ve acted like a renter in the last month?  What is one way I’ve acted like an owner in the last month?