We commonly experience strong temptations that encourage us to adopt individualistic, materialistic, and consumeristic approaches to church life.  In contrast, the gospel calls us to serve and sacrifice for others, to consider others as more significant than ourselves, and to live for the progress and joy of others faith.  This may take numerous forms, physical or spiritual.  It can occur in large groups or small groups. But one thing is guaranteed: it is costly.  Pouring into others will demand our time and place us in positions where our hearts are vulnerable.  But, we can find great joy in spending ourselves for the sake of others because it causes us to depend on the Lord and walk in His footsteps.  (Phil. 2:3-4)


  • What are some things that encourage you to shrink back from pouring into others?  What gospel truth could you remind yourself of so that you are motivated by grace not by duty?
  • What do you find most difficult, or intimidating, about pouring yourself into others?
  • What are the major spheres of influence that God has placed you in for this season of life?  Name one or two people that you already are (or could begin) pouring yourself into?