Purpose & Pursuits


Purpose: Why does CrossWay Exist?

CrossWay exists because we believe that God’s plan of redemption and renewal flows through the local church.  We are amazed at the privilege of participating in God’s gospel mission!

Therefore, as a local church, we gather and we scatter.  We gather to behold and build up, and we scatter to display and declare – all for the glory of God, in the name of Jesus, by the power of the Holy Spirit.


    God is on a mission to reveal his glory to the world and this is beautifully seen through redemption, the story of Jesus taking the place of sinners on the cross.  But, redemption is not the end of the story, God’s glory continues to be displayed in the ongoing renewal that God brings to His people from the inside, out.

    God’s plan, spreading his glory through redemption and renewal, could be accomplished in a variety of ways.  But, in his wisdom, God chose the local church as his primary means of fulfilling this message in the world. [more detail]

  • Therefore, we gather

    As we gather, we are primarily looking to God and beholding Him in his majesty.  We must also be considering, “How can I be a part of building up other believers at this gathering?”.  In doing so, we experience God’s ongoing renewal through one another, and God prepares us to move outward to scatter into the world as His representatives. [more detail]

  • And we scatter

    As we scatter to our areas of influence, we display what a life redeemed by God looks like.  Our lives should be a visible testimony that our hope is active and attractive, no matter what we are engaged in. We also declare the hope of God’s redemption.  At times sharing this news will bring  joy and at other times discouragements. But, no matter what we face, we circle back to our church family, where we behold God, are built up, and are sent out again. [more detail]

Pursuits: What practices cultivate a healthy CrossWay culture? 

We consider CrossWay to be healthy when we are:


    The more the gospel saturates our church, the healthier we will become.  It is our hope that CrossWay members would have a clear understanding of the gospel, a noticeable change in their lives because of the gospel, and continued growth in seeing how to connect the gospel to every area of life. [more detail]


    We can experience strong temptations to adopt individualistic and consumerist approaches to church life.  In contrast, the gospel calls us to serve and sacrifice for others, considering others as more significant than ourselves. There is joy in spending our lives in this way, because it causes us to depend on the Lord and walk in His footsteps.  [more detail]


    Our salvation doesn’t give us freedom to coast through life.  God intends for His people to grow spiritually, which often happens by moving us out of our comfort zones. We desire CrossWay to be a place where people expect and embrace the opportunities that God brings our way to stretch us. [more detail]


    It is important for us to encourage each other’s progress as we seek to grow in holiness. In addition to this, we should be championing each other's progress as we use our spiritual gifts.  We need to help people realize their gifts, and encourage them to be vulnerable to try new things.  As this happens, we are investing in the future of CrossWay.  [more detail]


    If everything above is true, then we are part of something amazing. All of these pursuits impact us in the best possible way if people see themselves as owners at CrossWay.  We don’t want people who are here on a six month lease, instead, we want passionate owners of the purpose and pursuits of CrossWay. [more detail]