Global Missions

CrossWay supports a range of missions partners around the world.  Some grew up in the area they are serving, while others have moved from another country to serve.  We also have one church-to-church partnership, where we seek to serve and learn from each other as churches.  Our desire is to come along side the work that is being done in these countries and help partner in God's work while being sensitive to the culture in that area. 

  • Dominique & Laura Angers
    Luc, William, and Nathanael

    After several years serving at Geneva Bible Institute in Geneva, Switzerland, the Angers have recently relocated to Quebec, where Dominique will serve at a seminary called Faculté de Théologie Evangélique. As a professor, he trains students to serve as pastors and missionaries.  This is done in a variety of ways, including teaching at the seminary, and personal interaction with students. The Angers seek to be involved in their community and often host kids clubs and neighborhood outreach events, as well.

  • Jeff & Meredith

    Olivia, Jude, and Liam

    Jeff and Meredith's ministry is to work with Albanian Christians to evangelize men, women and children in the context of relationships, to help establish self-sustaining churches led by Albanians, and to encourage Albanian missions movements to greater Albania and beyond. Their prayer is for the existing churches in Albania to grow and for new churches to be planted among ethnic Albanians.

  • Barna & Leona Cseki

    Barna and Leona serve the Lord in Biborteni, Romania. In neighboring areas there are several Roma (gypsy) communities. These are a poor and marginalized people group who are often not welcome among other Romanians. The Csekis are called to reach these families with the love of Christ. Their ministry includes preaching, teaching, Bible studies and children's outreach. They also coordinate a yearly kids' summer camp and are involved in other community outreach projects throughout the year. 

  • Lafto Kale Heywet church

    We have a church-to-church partnership with Lafto Kale Heywet church in the Lafto region of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.  Its denomination is Kale Heywet, which has its root from Sudan Inner Missions (SIM).  They have planted two churches and are very active in their community.  They have many different ministries within the church and the community; one of which is the home-based care (HBC) ministry that is in part supported by CrossWay.  The goal of this church-to-church partnership is to build relationships with them, learn from and encourage one another in the advancement of God’s Kingdom. 

  • Nelson & Marcia Salviano
    Camila and André

    The Salvianos live in Belo Horizonte, Brazil.  Nelson provides training for national Brazilian pastors locally, in the city of Belo Horizonte, as well as throughout the southeastern area of Brazil.  In 2004, he began a pastoral training program called ESCALE.  Through ESCALE, Nelson travels throughout Brazil leading seminars that help existing pastors grow in their ability to understand and preach God’s Word.

  • Larry & Allison Smoak
    Eva, Anna, eliya, Isaiah, and Joel

    The Smoaks live and serve among the poor of Honduras.  They seek to make disciples of Christ through sustainable agricultural development, service to the poorest of the poor, and community and service based mentoring.  They are integral parts of several organizations in Honduras, including The 600, Agua Viva, and GO Scholarship Fund.